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The payment of the purchase is made securely through EasyPay ®.
You will have at your disposal the following payment methods: MB (for Portugal), Visa Card,  Mastercard or American Express.

Credit card Visa, Mastercard or American Express
If you choose this method you must fill the following information:

Credit Card Number (16 digits)
Name of cardholder (as it appears written on the card)
Expiration Month / Year (2-digit month and 4 digit year)
Security Code (3 digits or 4 digits in case of American Express).

It's perfectly safe to insert  the information  from your credit card on any purchase made in Mr. Blue Online.
All information is redirected to the EasyPay page, where the information  will be transmited safely and certified, complying with the confidentiality requirements relating to your credit card.

You can now pay using Paypal.

The total amount of the purchase is charged at the time of your order.
For security reasons, we advise you not to include your card number in email communications.